Venous Compression

Advanced Vascular Surgery strives to provide the absolute best diagnosis and treatment options for venous compression. Our team of vascular surgeons and specialists work in a cutting-edge facility and have over sixty years of combined board-certified vascular surgeon experience.

What is venous compression?

Venous compression occurs when veins in constricted spaces are compressed by other structures nearby. When properly diagnosed, treatment can be effected and the chance of long-term issues can be avoided.


Leg Swelling

Individuals suffering from venous compression often exhibit swelling of the legs.



A complete physical examination.

Ultrasound Testing

Ultrasounds allow your physician to locate and identify the signs of venous compression. This test is routinely performed in the office.

CT Scan

A CT scan can provide pictures of slices of your arteries and veins, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis.


Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) treatment is a catheter-based system that allows a specialist to take images of the diseased vessels from inside the artery. This is the most advanced imaging of its kind and provides the most detailed and accurate information, which allows us to develop the best course of action.