Benefits to Walking in a 5k Plus Training Tips

The weather is cooling down and it is the perfect time to spend time outside before winter takes over. If you’re thinking about walking a 5K, congratulations! You are going to improve your health while training and participating in a three-mile walk.

As we stated in our previous blog about walking trails around Michigan, walking improves blood vessel health and blood flow, factors that are important in reducing your risk for PAD. Walking also promotes muscles strength and improves energy.

If you are thinking about walking a 5k, we have a few tips for you:
Find your walk.

There are many 5ks this fall that are great walking options! A quick Internet search will show you 5ks in your area. Some races even incorporate themes!

Find a walking buddy.

Walking a 5k is a realistic goal for almost anyone. Reach out to your friends and family to see if someone is interested in walking with you. Not only will a walking buddy hold you accountable and keep you motivated, you will also have someone to talk to!

Set a goal.

Know your abilities and set your goals accordingly. You know your limits, so it is important to challenge yourself without causing pain or stress. Do you want to walk a 5k in a certain time or just make sure you cross the finish line? Identify your goal and train as needed.

Find a training plan.

There are many training plans online. A sensible plan will prepare you with pushing to injury or exhaustion. Walking three days a week can prepare you for your race just be sure that you give yourself plenty of time to prepare! Stretching should be an important part of your plan as well.

Fuel your body.

Proper nutrition will play a big role in your preparation. Make healthy food choices and make sure you are taking the appropriate nutrition and vitamins. Appropriate nutrition will ensure you have the energy to train and complete the walk.

Dress appropriately.

Comfortable walking shoes are a major necessity when training for a 5k. If your athletic shoes are worn it is a smart idea to purchase a new pair. Associates at sporting goods stores will be able to find the perfect pair of shoes for you.
Good luck and be proud of yourself for taking literal steps toward your health!