A Few More Tips for Sleeping Better with Restless Leg Syndrome

For countless people. restless leg syndrome is the cause of poor sleep, poor rest, and — as a result — poor health. When suffering from the disease’s ongoing effects, individuals will often find themselves unable to get a proper night’s sleep. And, unfortunately, since the disease isn’t extremely well understood by the public, most articles about overcoming these sleep problems address the larger — and unrelated — issue of insomnia. Not all tips apply to both situations, though, and individuals with restless leg syndrome may find that insomnia-related tips don’t address their particular issues. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a handful of ways that you can combat your sleep-related restless leg syndrome problems specifically.


If you find yourself fidgeting and in the throes of an RLS attack, try getting out of bed and stretching your legs. As a basic stretch, sit on the floor with one leg in front of you, then reach forward with your arms to touch your toes. Repeat this with the other leg until both have been stretched.

Drink water

Dehydration can trigger restless leg syndrome, so if you find yourself regularly losing sleep, try drinking more water. If you’re taking medications that dehydrate you, drinking a lot of coffee, or exercising regularly, you’ll definitely want to increase your water intake.

Focus on healthy snacks

When you’re looking for an evening or late-night snack, it’s best to focus on healthy, protein-based options. When you eat too much sugar or carbohydrates, you can cause an increase in your blood sugar that can lead to exacerbated RLS symptoms.

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