5 Things That Put You at Risk of Chronic Venous Disease

One of the most common diseases that affects the veins in your legs is Chronic Venous Disease. When the valves that control blood flow between your legs and heart fail to work properly, blood may flow backwards in the veins. This can cause pooled blood and increased vascular pressure that leads to chronic venous disease.

The disease can also be caused by blood clots, injury, surgery, excess weight, and inactivity. Some issues caused by the disease are mild, such as aches, dilated veins and a feeling of leg heaviness. More severe symptoms include swelling, skin rashes and infections, ulcers and skin color changes.

Though Chronic Venous Disease can affect anybody, here are the main factors that may put you more at risk.

Gender. Women have a higher risk than men, and the risk can increase both during pregnancy and the last two weeks of the menstrual cycle.

Age. People of all ages are susceptible, but the risk for developing the disease increases for those over 50.

Family History. As with many diseases, a genetic history of Chronic Venous Disease or other vascular issues is a risk factor.

Inactivity. Whether at home or on the job, extended periods of inactivity can increase the risk. This is true for periods of either sitting or standing; taking breaks from either to walk around can help improve circulation.

Weight gain. Carrying more weight for a long time inhibits circulation and increases risk of Chronic Venous Disease. This includes weight gained during pregnancy, which contributes to women being more at risk than men.

While some of the risk factors are out of your control, it’s important to know that modifying your weight and activity levels can help mitigate some of the risk. There are many treatment and management options available for those suffering from Chronic Venous Disease. If you think you may be suffering from Chronic Venous Disease and want expert diagnosis and treatment, contact us for an appointment online or call us today at 269-492-6500.